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Mark Sarmel

Known aliases: Mark Moreno, Mark 80, Mark Julians

Race: Mexican

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 145”

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


Health: + 10 after consumption of ramen, pho or tacos. 

Strength: Skinny guy strong.

Speed: -10 when running.

Endurance: + 10 recovery after drinking smoothie.

Dexterity: + 25 when holding a pencil. 

Constitution: Poops daily.

Intelligence: Smarter than the average bear.

Wisdom: Old enough to know better.

Charisma: + 10 after consumption of alcohol. -10 after shots.


Known Accomplices: Lisa - wife. Omar - pit bull. Ella - pit bull. 


Organizations: Spider-Man fan club. Dwayne Johnson fan club. Christina Hendricks fan club.


History: Born in Texas. Lives in Detroit. Raised on a steady diet of comic books, Anime, mythology, Hip-Hop and fashion magazines. Trained in the ancient arts of Illustration and Graphic Design at the College for Creative Studies. Once fought a man in a cage.


Powers: Strangely flexible. Little need for sleep. Vivid imagination. Can take a punch. Great capacity for love.  


Weaknesses: Forgetful (-10 when remembering names). Cheese. Chocolate. Heights.