Hello, my name is Mark Sarmel.

In another world, mild-mannered Mark Moreno is the secret identity of superhero Mark Sarmel. In this world, they are one in the same, and he spends his time making art rather than fighting supervillains. He did manage to create a secret hideout, though (ok, ok it’s a basement studio). From this hideout, he works throughout the night and day creating works of art influenced by comic books, Asian cultures, mythology, Hip-Hop music and fashion magazines. Trained in the ancient arts of Illustration and Graphic Design at the College for Creative Studies, Mark Sarmel has been spotted flaunting his powers of paint and pixel in such venues as Innerstate Gallery, Gallery 1988, Bottleneck Gallery, Guzu Gallery, and the Red Bull House of Art.



I have a long held love for comic books. They taught me to read and to draw, they taught me right and wrong, and they taught me that we are capable of great and wondrous things. Starting from a fascination with ancient mythology (the original comic stories in my belief), my love of comics has developed into a visual study of cultural anthropology. 

In my work, I mesh styles of numerous different cultures to develop a fantastical pan culture. With influences not only from comics, but from hip-hop culture, fashion magazines and Asian culture, I build characters that are brimming with power and secret histories. I want to create new symbols and myths for the viewer to discover. Through all this, I want to build a new world for both myself and the viewer to play in. As my oeuvre expands, I hope to eventually extend my world into comics and cartoons.